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Instead of searching for things to buy on Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, or even that lowkey Google Shopping Tab — between the time now spent on social platforms and evolving generational preferences for product discovery — the big idea here is to create a new search platform that is 100% optimized for community commerce.

This eases two problems:
1.) Streamlines the availability & accessibility of community commerce.
2.) Provides transparent social proof on how great (or, not) a product is.

The platform would be committed to focusing its resources on the crawling, identifying, and discovery of trusted influencers — and in turn surfacing the products they are sharing.

A quick subset of crawled platforms could include the likes of established major players like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest, but should also include formidable new social shopping entrants like Whatnot, ShopShops, and Newness that have all been heavily backed by venture capital.

There’s no real learning curve here. A shopper would simply jump onto the site and conduct their search no differently as they would typically do today on any other search or shopping platform.

The unique point of differentiation being that all the results would be sourced from an approved family of social shopping platforms like the aforementioned ones above.

In short, it’s a win-win-win — it’s a win for the shopper, for the seller, and of course for the influencer.

The influencer gets curated exposure to grow their audience, the seller the opportunity to generate additional revenue, and the shopper the ability to find great new products in a fun, social, and entertaining way — and to do so all without having to weed through the 1000s of fake online product reviews.

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